About Us

At truMedic, our mission is to build healthier lives through providing effective pain management relief and recovery through the Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009. We’re passionate about understanding the benefits of electrotherapy and delivering them to patients everywhere.

Since 1855, the medical community has recognized the benefits of methodical electronic pulses in our bodies. Through the Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009, you no longer have to worry about appointments to achieve the benefits that electrotherapy provides.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry! Our team at truMedic has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009 is user-friendly and incredibly easy to implement. Its sleek body and portability allows you to use it from anywhere any time that you need relief!

The truMedic team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers know how to properly and effectively use their Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009. We believe that the alternative pain management methodology provided through massage and controlled electronic pulses is embodied not only in our devices, but also in your ability to use them.

The Electronic Pulse Massager PL-009 is FDA approved and is extremely easy to operate and use. truMedic is proud to be the nation’s leading source for effective pain management treatment through massage and electrotherapy.