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28 Apr

Is Relaxation the Secret to Success in Sports?

Have you ever been so relaxed that that you just don’t want to be bothered by anything? You know, when you’re so comfy that you reach an almost Zen-like state and you just want to...

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14 Apr

Vacation? Why not staycation: 10 Tips to Create the Perfect Staycation

Paris, Rome, London, Miami, San Francisco…there are a ton of great places to go on vacation. There is something absolutely magical about traveling to a new city, taking in the sights, eating the cuisine, chatting...

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07 Apr

The Most Relaxing Song Ever?

I love listening to music in the car, sometimes it’s the only thing that can get me through the morning commute. truMedic is headquartered on Long Island, New York, a relatively small island with a...

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31 Mar

Keep Calm and Get Your Massage On: Activities We Love Even Though They Stress Us Out

Have you ever felt stressed while doing something that you enjoy? Stress is typically viewed as a bad thing and it’s true that too much stress can manifest in the form of aches and pains...

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24 Mar

Twenty-Two and Toothless: A Personal Account of Injury and Recovery

I’m on my way up to the top floor of the faculty tower. At ten stories, it’s not only the tallest building on campus, it’s the tallest building in the county. I have a meeting...

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