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Products To Live Life Better

23 Jun

Ready, Aim, Miss

Everyone has their talents. Some people are incredibly athletic, others have amazing fashion sense, and some people excel at composing music. truMedic’s talent is for bringing spa-quality massage products into people’s homes and helping them...

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16 Jun

Father’s Day Memory

I’m accident prone. I wish I wasn’t, but I am. I can accidentally hurt myself in a room filled with pillows and stuffed animals. It’s not carelessness as much as it seems to be bad...

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12 Jun

Funny Punny Dad Jokes

My Dad has this really old metal lock box that he keeps in the bottom drawer of his desk. I think the company that made that box no longer exists and hasn’t been in business...

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02 Jun

Not Knots…Anything But Knots

I have knots…not knots in my shoelaces or garlic knots (though I wouldn’t mind some garlic knots), I have painful muscle knots in my back. I get them right under each shoulder blade and I...

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19 May

Reading and Relaxing: Finding Peace on the Page

Everyone experiences periods of anxiety and stress when you just want to get away from everything because every single little thing bothers and irritates you. When you find yourself in one of these negative moods,...

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