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BLOOPERS-New Product Videos that Went Terribly Wrong...

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Our crack video team was tasked with the project of creating amazing product demo videos for you.

So we brought a spokesperson into our studios to tell you all about truMedic massage products.

But things didn't go QUITE as we'd planned.
Watch these video shorts to see happened >>


"Foot Massager Frustration"

Not much else got done that day when our model entered a state of bliss with our InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager



"Handheld Percussion Massager Prototype"

We knew our InstaShiatsu+ Handheld Percussion Massager was strong and powerful, but we never thought it could do this!



"Magic Wand Massager Spell"

While shooting a video for our InstaShiatsu+ Water-Resistant Wand Massager, we figured we should "test" it's magical abilities.


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Department of Motor Anxiety

Department of Motor Anxiety

A panic parade, stress on steroids, an anxiety attack, a cavalcade of clichés…these are just a few of the ways that I would describe my most recent trip to the notorious Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. The DMV is synonymous with stress and waiting. I’m pretty sure that you could have a flash mob break out into Broadway’s greatest hits and everyone there would still be miserable.

My total time spent at the DMV was about 2 hours. I have had experiences where I have had to wait at the DMV or other offices for longer periods of time, but there is something about the DMV that causes the experience to be one that is fraught with stress and anxiety.

The stakes are high. I rely heavily on my vehicles and I know that many people cannot go through their daily routines if something happens to their ability to drive. There is this fear that if something goes wrong at the DMV, if a form is missing or incorrectly filled out that suddenly we won’t be able to drive, and as a result, everyone is tense.

There is also the cliché angry guy or guys at the DMV who feel the need to yell at the attendants and cause a scene. I understand frustration, but everyone in that kind of scenario is frustrated, and causing a scene does not help in any way shape or form. Every time I have ever been to the DMV, there is always at least one guy who feels the need to cause trouble and they always feel the need to talk to me and try to vent.

I will say that I think that the process has gotten better, more forms are available online and the office that I went to actually had the option to schedule a reservation, something that I did not expect and did not take advantage of. After my trip to the DMV, I can say that I am extraordinarily luckily to work for a company that specializes in massage and relaxation products. When I came into the office, I found a fully charged InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager waiting for me on my desk. Thanks guys!

I hope that if you find yourself in a stressful situation that you have your own healthy and effective way to relax and unwind when it’s all over.


Marc | Copywriter

14 Happy Dogs Show You the Right Way to Relax

14 Happy Dogs Show You the Right Way to Relax

I love dogs. There, I said it…and I may not be alone with this infatuation. In a study that I conducted, a vast majority of people polled were “pro dog.” I did get some people who also expressed being “pro cat,” but no one polled in this personal survey was “anti dog.”

I could easily write 200+ pages extolling the many virtues of dogs, but instead I would like to focus on one specific aspect, and that is their ability to calm us down and ease stress.

According to Harvard Health Publications, “Pets have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve recovery from heart disease, and even reduce rates of asthma and allergy in children who grow up with a Fido or a Frisky in the house. Pets also improve people’s psychological well-being and self-esteem.”

Even just looking at a dog can have positive impacts on your mental health. So to help you get ready for the weekend, here are 14 happy dogs getting their relaxation on.

Finding comfort in your owner’s arms

Chilling in the backyard

Playing some basketball

Having fun at the beach

Going for a relaxing car ride

Lounging on the deck

Sleeping after a busy day at work

Lying down in a field

Hanging out poolside

Enjoying the great outdoors

Relaxing with a friend

Soaking up the sun

Falling asleep anywhere

Enjoying a deep-kneading shiatsu massage

This is River from muttbowl relaxing with the InstaShiatsu+ IS-3000PRO. Although we design our products for humans, River seems pretty relaxed.


Marc | Copywriter

The Stress of Planning the Perfect 4th of July Weekend

The Stress of Planning the Perfect 4th of July Weekend

The perfect 4th of July weekend, it’s not a dream, but something you know that you can hold in your hand. The beach, barbecue in the backyard, fireworks and ice cream, friends and family having a great time talking and laughing. You know it can be achieved. It just needs the proper planning.

You’ve done your research, you’ve got it all planned out, the details addressed, and the variables all written down with plans for multiple scenarios, but somehow you know there is something you’re still forgetting. It feels like a weighted lure plummeting down into the depths of your chest.

There is always an x-factor, some unexpected variable that throws off your plans. You can stress out about it or you can roll with the punches and make the best of it. I assembled a list of some of the top things about planning a Fourth of July weekend that I stress out about. I hope that addressing some of these scenarios will let you know that you’re not alone and help you with your own event planning.

1) Someone gets injured

This is a constant concern for me with any and all of my event planning. It turns out that people are fairly fragile and injury can happen at moment. Someone could cut their foot on a broken seashell at the beach, a friendly game of touch football could lead to an accidental concussion…the list goes on and on. I recommend having a first aid kit nearby at all times and making sure to occasionally check that all your guests are accounted for.

2) The Beach is Packed

The July 4th weekend is one of the most popular times to go to the beach and every year I am amazed by the sheer number of people who make it out to soak up the sun and splash in the waves. Even if you make it out to the beach early, it always feels like everyone had the exact same idea as you.

3) Rowdy Campsite

If you’re the outdoors type then you might want to take your family camping. There is a joy in taking a day or two to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine and relax in nature. However, this can be ruined if the people in the campsite next to yours are blasting music and keep walking across your site.

4) Barbecue Clean Up

The best part of any barbecue is always the food. Baby back ribs, grilled chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. The main downside is that after you’re done with all the cooking, there is usually a lot of clean up and no one wants to spend a long time cleaning after eating a heavy meal. I know after a big meal, I just want to go and take a nap.

5) Family Gets in a Fight

I love my family, but we don’t always get along. With family you know each other your entire lives and as a result, you know exactly what to say or do to set each other off. I’m always a little anxious when I get my family together, but I have found that in the event that an argument happens between family members, bringing up a new subject for conversation can save the day.

I hope you have a fun and stress-free Fourth of July, but if you do end up feeling stressed out, consider the InstaShiatsu+ Pillow Massager with Heat. Relax with a soothing shiatsu massage at the push of a button.


 Marc | Copywriter

Happy 4th of July: Get Your Grill On

Happy 4th of July: Get Your Grill On

The sun is shining, there’s a smell of hamburgers cooking, and somewhere in the distance the faint sounds of a Pete Seeger (or insert any generic American musician) song can be heard radiating from someone’s wireless JBL speakers. Summer is officially in full swing and for me that means barbecues.

I love getting together with friends and family, cooking up a storm, and relaxing in the summer sun. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of July 4th barbecues at my uncle’s house. I loved jumping in the pool, eating hot dogs, and tossing a football back and forth with my cousin while his Labrador Retriever would run frantically between us.

A Fourth of July barbecue is great for bringing people together and making memories, but the foundation of any barbecue is, of course, the food. I compiled a list of some of our favorite foods with some preparation tips that you can use as inspiration for your own Fourth of July barbecue.

1) Nick’s Sweet and Spicy Italian Sausages

The trick to grill sausage is to cook them all the way through over indirect heat and then move them to a direct heat to brown them and finish them off. I like to serve them on a bun with spicy mustard, chopped yellow onions and pickled jalapenos.

2) Jereme’s “Touch of Heaven” Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Get a Crock-Pot. Get a Crock-Pot and slow cook your pork all day so it’s incredibly tender. If you don’t have a Crock-Pot, go out and get a Crock-Pot. It’s that simple. And always, always put some coleslaw on your pulled pork sandwiches. I shouldn’t have to even tell you this.

3) Claire’s Fully-Loaded Beef Patties

I discovered that instead of using them as toppings, you can cook onions and chunks of cheddar directly into your burgers. I don’t know how many people know about this, but you need to get the word out there.

4) Marc’s Kickin’ Guacamole

My secret ingredient…is people…just kidding its cumin…cumin and some Frank’s RedHot. I can’t really say how much I use of both, it’s more like a season to taste kind of thing.

5) Patty’s Simple but Tasty Grilled Chicken

It might sound boring, but just lemon juice, salt, and pepper is all the seasoning that you really need.

Feel free to try out any of amazing food options and to make your own special touches to the recipes. From everyone here at truMedic, have a good Fourth of July weekend!


Marc | Copywriter

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