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Veteran's Day Sale

For a LIMITED time truMedic is offering our "Better Back Bundle" which includes everything you need to help ease muscle soreness and pain.
Bundle includes the following:

truMedic Micro TENS II

Electrotherapy Pain Relief in a tiny
package. Uses snap-on butterfly pads or standard truMedic electrode pads. Sleep cycle program for all-night relief. Uses snap-on butterfly pads or standard truMedic electrode pads. Sleep-cycle program for all-night relief.
Relieve your pain overnight, or on-the-go with the portable and compact truMedic™ MicroTens™ II.
Make pain relief simple with no dials or confusing settings, and clearly labeled buttons to choose between 40 different intensity levels. Small, portable, and lightweight – use the MicroTens™ II while out with the family, or overnight to receive all-night relief with the Auto-Sleep Program.


truMedic TENS Tac Gel

  • Extends electrode life by 300%. Apply when electrodes lose adhesion. Just a drop goes a long way.
  • This gel helps eliminate tape residue, and other problems caused by reusable adhesives.
  • This electrically conductive gel helps the pads maintain contact with the skin for an extended period of time and also allows for maximum current transfer from your truMedic TENS Unit.

 truMedic TENS BELT

  • Provides focused LOWER BACK pain relief. Connects to the Micro TENS II and also provides a measure of physical support.
  • Comfortable cloth belt stays in place and is easy to put on.
  • No twisting and turning to place electrode pads on your back.
  • Made with comfortable, high-quality materials, the
    TENS belt has a velcro strap which allows you to recieve targeted relief to the spot where you need it most.
  • You don’t need to twist and turn to get the electrode pads where you want them. Simply adjust the belt and the pads will stay put, right where they belong.


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