InstaShiatsu+ Massage Chair MC-3000

InstaShiatsu+ Massage Chair MC-3000

$5,499.97 USD

  • The most dynamic and advanced massage chair in the truMedic line. Every inch has been carefully crafted to optimize comfort and relief.
  • Experience the joy of a luxurious full-body massage from the comfort of your own home. The beautifully crafted InstaShiastsu+™ MC-3000 makes a great addition to any room.
  • Advanced 3D encapsulated support technology automatically detects the position of your body. Just sit back and relax to start soothing muscle tension and alleviating stress.
  • Adjustable leg rest, back rest, and seat. Extends and retracts with just the press of a button. With the automatic electric actuators, you only need to select one button to feel the weightless ease of zero gravity positioning.
  • Enjoy listening to music through built-in speakers or with a personal headset. Supports U disc, SD card, and MMC card music.
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    Your Body Deserves the Best

    You take care of your business, your family, and your friends, but how often to you take care of yourself? When you’re stressed out, even the simplest of tasks become difficult to manage and productivity suffers. Massage therapy has both physical and mental benefits that can alleviate stress and improve quality of life so you can keep doing what you do best. Treat yourself to a deep kneading Shiatsu massage that your body will thank you for.

    Intuitive Massage Choices

    The InstaShiatsu+ MC-3000 gives you the power to design a personalized massage experience. The easy to use VFD control panel is designed for intuitive massage choices. Control intensity, focus on relief or fatigue recovery, and pick the massage technique that is right for your body.

    Innovation Meets Style

    Experience the latest breakthroughs in massage therapy technology all in one sleek and beautiful chair. The multi-layered compression airbag system creates a wave-like motion that is ideal for relieving muscle tension. The advanced 3D rollers travel in 3 axes, offering more flexibility and a wider surface area for your massage. Recline to the physician recommended zero-gravity position that relieves pressure on the lower back and makes you feel weightless.

    Convert Any Room into a Professional Relaxation Space

    Experience relief and instant comfort at home anytime you want it. This is more than just a massage, it’s a full-body experience.


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