truMedic MicroTens


$36.97 USD

  • Discreetly relieve pain with an ultra-compact and lightweight TENS Unit that can easily be hidden under your clothes.
  • Easy to use - no complicated settings or dials to adjust. Two buttons so you don't have to waste time or energy learning a complicated device.
  • Wireless design doesn't use lead wires. Place the unit with the included pad right on the area that needs relief.
  • Includes: MicroTens™, 2x Snap-on Butterfly Electrode Pad, 2x 3V Batteries, Instruction Booklet
  • Extend the life of your Electrode Pads by using the TENS TAC Gel.
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    Discover the secret to concealed pain relief at an affordable price

    The truMedic MicroTens™ is the ultimate pain relief device for those with a busy lifestyle. Its compact design allows it to go virtually unnoticed under regular clothing. The wireless technology makes it ideal for those who are constantly moving. Don’t break the bank on large and complex devices. Get the simple and affordable MicroTens™.

    Smaller than a pack of gum, it goes unnoticed

    Whether you are a professional, or an active person constantly on-the go, you’ll love the compact design of the MicroTens™. The wireless technology allows you to benefit from TENS therapy without being slowed down. It goes virtually unnoticed under regular clothing. Your own personal and effective source of pain relief in a device placed directly where it hurts.

    Pain relief that is as simple as it gets.

    The simplicity of the truMedic MicroTens™ takes the difficulty and confusion out of relieving your pain. Just snap on the included butterfly electrode pad, power on the device, place the electrode on the spot that needs relief, and select the intensity level that is most comfortable for you. Plain. Simple. Pain relief.


    $36.97 USD

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