TENS Belt For Lower Back Pain Management


$39.97 USD

  • Requires additional TENS Unit such as the TM-1000PRO, or the PL-009.
  • Provides lower back support while delivering focused pain relief using TENS technology.
  • Comfortable cloth belt stays in place and is easy to put on. No twisting and turning to place electrode pads on your back.
  • Includes: TENS Belt, Belt Extender, 2x Lead Wire Adapters, 4x TENS Belt Electrode Pads, Carrying Pouch. TENS Unit NOT Included.
  • Extend the life of your Electrode Pads by using the TENS TAC Gel.
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    Support your lower back and relieve your pain at the same time

    The truMedic TENS Belt requires a TENS unit which is sold separately. Support your lower back and manage pain simultaneously with the truMedic TENS Belt. Wrap the belt around your lower back and power up your TENS unit to begin feeling relief. Wrap the belt firmly and feel the comfort of additional physical support.

    Relief that stays put, right where you need it

    Made with comfortable, high-quality materials, the TENS belt has a velcro strap which allows you to receive targeted relief to the spot where you need it most. You don’t need to twist and turn to get the electrode pads where you want them. Simply adjust the belt and the pads will stay put, right where they belong.

    TENS Belt + TENS Unit - a winning combination

    Get back in the game when you use the truMedic TENS Belt with a compatible truMedic TENS Unit like the TM-1000PRO or the PL-009. It’s a winning combination for managing your lower back pain. Experience the additional support and a comforting massage without spending a fortune for relief. With the electrode pads and a zippered storage case already in the box, simply connect the TENS Belt to a compatible unit and begin feeling relief the day it’s delivered.


    $39.97 USD

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