BP3000 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


$79.97 USD

$239.97 USD

  • Take control of your health, and invest in a premium Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with consistent and accurate readings.
  • Receive accurate measurements with a Premium Upper Arm Cuff that is designed to be extremely comfortable and durable.
  • Storage for 90 measurements help you track and monitor your history and identify health risks early.
  • Clearly labeled buttons, a bright and vivid LCD display, and audio measurements make monitoring your blood pressure simple.
  • Includes: Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Premium Upper Arm Cuff, A/C Adapter, 4x AA Batteries, Protective Bag
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    Invest in your health with a blood pressure monitor for your home

    Supplement your health information with a monitor designed to help you record and track your blood pressure readings. By investing in the truMedic BP-3000 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor you can receive accurate blood pressure readings in the comfort of your own home. When it’s not being used just place the arm cuff back in the attached case and store it away.

    Comfortable. Reliable. Accurate

    No need to strap your arm into an uncomfortable sleeve to monitor your blood pressure and pulse. Made with high quality materials, the truMedic BP-3000 arm cuff is soft, comfortable, and brings in reliable and accurate blood pressure and pulse measurements.

    Track and listen to your measurements

    With this device you can have your blood pressure numbers read back to you the moment the monitoring is done. With the “Live Voice” built in, you can listen to your measurements and track up to 90 previous readings. This will help you notice any inconsistencies or irregular readings at a glance.

    A complete blood pressure monitoring package

    With everything you need for monitoring your health right inside the box, you can take the first steps in tracking your blood pressure the day you receive your truMedic BP-3000. To ensure your unit lasts as long as possible, a storage case for the arm cuff is conveniently built right into the unit.


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