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Love this product, It's awsome!
By Rocio
I chose this product because I've been wanting to try it out, I heard about it from a co-worker, she recommended I get it because I suffer from back pain. When I used it, it felt like a small version of electrotherapy. I go to the spa frequently. I love it because it's not as ... Read all
I recommend it.
By Wine Geek (Easton, PA)
"Pretty cool"
" I am not the kind of person that likes to write reviews, or carry on about a product. I believe things should work like they say and it's no big deal when they do. My doctor told me about the tens treatment stuff, but it was costing $75.00 every time I went to him. I decided ... Read all
By alyssa
About three years ago I was in a very bad car accident. I tried everything from medication to acupuncture. I felt like my situation was hopeless and was giving in to the idea I would just have to live with the extreme neck and back pain. Until, one of my coworkers suggested ... Read all


Product Info

TruMedic PL-009 TENS Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit – Best Muscle Stimulator for Electrotherapy Pain Management – Light & Portable – Includes Two Awesome Free Bonuses! – Free Extra Tens Unit Electrode Pads & Free Video Series – Limited Time Offer

Compact – No larger than a remote control, this handheld massager weighs only 5.3 oz.! It contains enough power to thoroughly massage your entire body while remaining small and lightweight enough to travel. Take it on vacation, to the gym, or even the office. The truMedic PL-009 will easily fit in your briefcase or purse.

Easy – The truMedicPL-009 is not only portable, but also incredibly easy to use! All buttons are clearly labeled by body part rather than confusing terms such as “Pulse-Width” or “Waveform.” At a glance, the large LCD display will show the setting, type of massage, and time left on the cycle. This massager is entirely automatic. Batteries included for your convenience.

Effective – This effective massager contains 5 auto stimulation programs. It is fully adjustable with 3 massage settings to select speed and intensity. The truMedic PL-009 uses high-frequency pulses for direct pain relief. Before purchasing or using this device, please consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or have any of the following conditions: any acute disease, infectious disease, heart disease, tumor, abnormal blood pressure, lack of skin sensation, abnormal skin condition, or any other condition requiring the active supervision of a physician.

Bonus – Stop your pain and take advantage of our limited time bonus offer! Buy now to receive two FREE bonuses: extra TENS unit electrode pads & video series. 100% free, 100% guarantee!